Friday, June 8, 2012

Why is Somes Island so special?

Why is Somes Island so special ?               
Somes Island was used as an internment camp during the first World War .
Army men were sheltered  at Somes Island in 1914 to 1918 .by Daniel.
The New Zealand company brought settlers to New Zealand from England by ship in the 1800s.  by  Daniel

During the 2nd World War, it was again used as an internment camp and anti-aircraft guns were placed on the island.    
  1. How many men died in World War?
  2. What happened after the war.?
  3. Where did the body's go.?
  4. Who were the people that were involved in the war?
  5. Where were the bases ?
  6. What did the people eat?
  7. How many people were  in  the war?
  8. Why did a new lighthouse get built?
  9. How did they start world War one?
  10. how old were the Men until they got forced to go to War?

Once the island was called Matiu island and then it was called Somes island and now it’s called matiu/somes Jacob.

And it had the first lighthouse built in the world it was built in 1866. by Jacob.
A new lighthouse was built on Somes island .by Jacob.
Maiut/Somes island is now letting people go to the Jacob.


  1. Wow Jacob nice story there I got a lot of information.

  2. Cool Jacob!
    I like all of your questions.
    Your writing is packed with facts too.
    Well done!

  3. Awesome Jacob!
    Your story is very informative like how Seth said.
    I like how you asked questions in the story as well.
    I probably can answer a few of those questions.
    Where did you get this information from?