Monday, June 18, 2012

My work for my interview


My favourite in Reading has been buddy  

Something I have learnt is to pick a good book and read it
My next step is to read at home and ask for help


This is my favourite writing the killer blob

I am proud of me and seth’s birthday invitation birthday

I have learnt  to make a good story

  • i learnt to make it good like make it have capital letters
  • i learned where to put my capital letters

My next step is to make it make sense

I like my blog because you can look at it you can learn
This is my favourite post somes island because you can now were the first world war wase

I like commenting on blogs because it will make the person feel happy and make them comment on your blog.

This is my favourite comment seths


This is my favourite maths bean recipe

I am proud of learning my times
I have learnt my faracons

  • times

Something I find challenging is faraones

My next step is learn my faraones

This is my favourite art

Something I have liked in our topic learning is plastic

P.E. / Fitness
What I like about this is you get your brain working  
I like playing these games:
  • blob
  • abc ball rush
I learn and develop the skills of do  by playing these games.
Fitness helps me get my brain working


  1. Great Jacob!
    You have been very honest in your reflection.
    I hope you had a really positive interview because you are a very smart boy.
    I also like playing Blob.

  2. Excellent reflection, Jacob.

    It helps show to others how much you are learning. Your writing and ICT skills have really improved lots!

  3. awesome Jacob
    this shows all your favorite stuff and learning over the year.