Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jacob's maths

Maths Reflection 30/04/12
Multiplication Strategies

· Something I was pleased with was. my learning with adding and take away                          

…because. I was good at it

· I really enjoyed. learning with adding
… was fun and i enjoyed it

· Something I found hard was takeawaying
· Something that made me think was when we got to the hundreds
                  …because it got hard.

· Something I want to get better at is my hundreds
          (I can do it at home?)


  1. This is really cool Jacob and it is nice to see that you have been honest on what you need to work on. What was did you find easier out of Take away and Adding?

  2. Great Jacob,I love maths, do you?

  3. Yes I do Lachlan.

  4. Amazing Jacob is that hard for you or easy?

  5. Great work Jacob! Hopefully you can get better at your hundreds.