Thursday, April 5, 2012

white water rafting

                                      White water rafting
I got In the boat and we got told to forward paddle so we did and we got told to stop. We did and we were just about to go over the  rapids. It was so fun. We had to stop to cross the  river. We had so much fun. We got in the raft and started to paddle, about an hour later we stopped for some lunch. We got back In the raft. We saw a whirlpool and Katrina fell in. The other team got  Katrina and we stopped on a little island, Katrina got back in the raft we went over Dion's rook. Brody went flying over Dion’s rook. We told him to put both his legs in the front. We paddle to Brody. Tyler’s  dad pulled him up. We got to the end. We had to lift the raft onto the trailer. We got in the bus and went to camp. On the way we saw a cow with its head stuck in a power pole.

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