Thursday, April 26, 2012

the Monday morning

MY MONDAY MORNING                                                
“Get out of bed” my sister Hannah said. I got up and fell back down like I had no bones.
I got up again and got out of bed my bones were weak. I got in my school clothes and laid on the seat. my eyes closed but I didn't go to sleep. I got my breakfast. It felt like my face was going to fall on my breakfast I got a milo. It woke me up. My brother got ready. I went outside cold I said to myself.
I got my polar fleece. I stop and ran  to go and get my netbook and went outside.
I waited and waited. I looked at the time it was 6:45. I went inside and got back in bed to lie down. My mum came and said get out of bed. I did the same I got my netbook I got my polofles. My mum said Hannah is going to walk you and James to school. “We said yes mum”. The fog went away and the birds chirped again and cars came down Terrace rd. I went outside and my sister came and my brother came and we walk to school.

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  1. Good language choices to describe your morning, Jacob. I love your simile "it felt like my face was going to fall on my breakfast"!